Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Go somewhere public and watch people. When you find someone worthy, draw them. If you want, color them "crazy-like" in photoshop or just draw them. Don't get caught.

So I didn't get around to going anywhere to draw random people this week. But since apparently no one else has either, I thought I'd put this up. It kinda fits. I did it last semester. Do you know who it is?!

I went to EPCOT and sat around while people ate around me. Just in time....

I will get around to painting these ones... i swear lol
Fernando aka AMZNFX

Sorry it's late...I didn't do a good job of stalking, so I just drew some of the positions we had to hit in jazz class tonight.

~Katie W.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Pretty sweet topic this week. Make it awesome and, most importantly, make it!

I didnt get to color it... but maybe ill get around it once my photoshop stops acting up

Fernando aka Amznfx

Somewhat more majestic in my mind... :-/

Because, hey, sometimes dragons have to pick up the milk on the way home, too.

~Katie W.

I'm abusing the airbrush. You Photoshop people must teach me to paint o_O

Enjoy the show...

A very special family photo.

Dragon con trunk.




dragon head


Monday, February 12, 2007

Self Portrait

We are branching out, youths! This time around, we are drawing self portraits (not contour line style, eat it UCF). Draw it in your own style. Don't have a style, you say? Then draw it until you are happy with it and then put it up, its probably in your style. G'uluck!

For my portrait I went for my usual position during Phil's movies. As well as the usual expression... and assortment of snackums.

I figured that my self portrait would not be complete without showing at least a few of the friendly creatures in my head.

~Katie W.

Who wouldn't want to buy a picture? I know I would.
-Michael Woodside

this is a constant scribble without stopping type thing. but yeah, my usual position at 3am Friday night (...technically Saturday) doing hw. and behold, my fluffy hair and constant snacking. whoops, my glasses are missing.

This one goes out to the ladies!
And Han...
-Danny "Da Beast" Young

when i was making it it was suppose to ba a Visual Language t shirt design.... i put too many colors so i made it a self portrait... cause thats pretty much how i see my self... tech freak!!

Fernando aka Amznfx

i got stung by 2 bees

Monday, February 05, 2007


The topic for this week is fantastic. You know the drill.

(Also, for those of you who still want to partake in the the shirt contest, post up your stuff soon. We need to have a decent amount to show the elders so they can choose one. Do it)

He's slimy and he's comin' to dinner!


~Katie W.

DUDE. I had a nicer version of this but I closed it by accident without saving (well, didn't save since the initial sketch). So this is the quick, "screw the background" version. Why is she standing like that? NO CLUE. It's GOZER-- are you a god?

-asd;lfkajsdflkajdf kait

P.S. I swear I'll get to the general VL shirt thing eventually

I always imagined this was the true end to the Stay Puff man lol. Art done on a post it note as I was too lazy to draw anything bigger. Yay post its!