Friday, June 08, 2007


Remember when we had art classes? Let's try to bring some of that back for a little but with this next topic. Katie likes the idea of landscapes coming from Canada, which can be the main thrust. But if you don't want to do one from Canada (or from anyplace real at all, Han), then just pick a landscape from anywhere and SUBMIT!

For ManLouk

Ah, the beautiful beachy islands of Canada. Who can forget them?

~Katie W.

(and I know it looks like crap, I painted it with a mouse, but at least I posted something)

I decided to do a second one...

Yay! It's both trite AND made up! Michael, your brush metamorphized into something else since I last used it. It's no longer a dual brush and it's fuzzy.


6 Hours later... Huzzah a finished landscape! So for this I photo referenced 5 other Canada images then sat down and sketched them out into one coherent landscape. And I'd just like to say how incredibly addicted I am to Graffiti on facebook. It's not photoshop but it's still tons of fun.