Tuesday, April 10, 2007

End of year models

Per Fernando's request, lets post up our models here. This topic will take up to the end of the school year. So if you have the Ladybug Action Hero model done, post that. Also, this could be used for the final Brian model too. So as soon as you have it done, post it up. (What might also be nice is if you could post up an image of your first model for Brian too, just to see how far you have come. To save room, do some photoshop magic and put them in the same image file so that it doesnt take so much room. Example below):

Here's my beatnik butterfly and, of course, Hips McGee. When I finish my Tooth Fairy, I shall post him as well.


This is my frog Bugger... cause he likes to eat bugs like the lady bug!!
This one is cooper the compact car from the movie "Cars"

Fernando aka AmznFX

I can't f-ing rig the right arm. EVER. NO MORE PAINTING WEIGHTS!!!

Here's my tooth fairy!!!!!!


Meet some dumb bug, and Dwight, the Dolphin.

guy and Sydrome's sidekick (other views on my blog)

My two creature models...I think teeth are the major improvement here.

~Katie W.

Modeling is not my forte. Might as well add rigging to that while I'm at it lol.


I redid the frog model I did for Brian's class just for practice.